Weekly Blogging

Prof. Smith plans to have students blog about course content on the site she created on the college’s WordPress installation.  She has made sure students know how to join the course blog site and she provided documentation on how to “post”. Students will be asked to respond to the reading each week on the course blog.

  • User Type: Faculty
  • Platform: School-supported, open source WordPress installation
  • Activity: collecting student writing via blog
  • Considerations: Because the site is owned and run by the school, there are less data collection concerns in this scenario than others. A primary concern for anyone using a blogging platform is students sharing personal information and reflections. Prof. Smith should make it clear to students that their usernames don’t need to be their real names. Students should be made aware whether or not the site is “public” to anyone or if the site will only be visible to the class or university. Professor Smith can decide whether or not to make the site public or private, or she could have a conversation with the class to determine how students feel about sharing their work with a larger audience. If Prof. Smith is having students write about personal subjects it is suggested that she make the site  private to the class so that the site can be a personal, welcoming space for students to share.